Our Approach

E3 Lithium is committed to sustainable development that extends to all facets of our business.

We are determined to achieve the highest possible standards through our actions and conduct. Our approach promotes a strong culture of corporate responsibility that empowers our people to support our local communities, nurture our environment, and deepen our stakeholder relationships in order to create tangible and long-lasting benefits for our future.

Our vision is to be a global leader in responsibly sourced lithium to fuel the global transition towards a brighter energy future. We aim to deliver new sources of lithium through innovation, emphasizing high standards in environmental stewardship, social engagement, and economic benefits for our stakeholders.

Our core values drive how we approach our work at E3 Lithium and set the tone from the inside out:

  • Integrity & Ethical Practice: This is the foundation upon which we act. It’s the only way to operate and we want to be proud of our work. Plain and simple.
  • Accountability: We own our actions, collectively and individually. We learn from our experience and are continually improving as a result.
  • Passion: We believe in our work and are committed to its success. It’s that intrinsic passion that fuels our drive and subsequently our success.
  • Teamwork: They say teamwork makes the dream work, and we believe that! Equal opportunity and diversity makes us all better.
  • Safety: It’s at the core of everything we do. We believe in consistent training and maintaining best practices, especially when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

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Our Goals

Reduced Carbon Emissions
Tailings Ponds
Land Use

We can deploy local technology and expertise to sequester the CO2 from the exhaust and dispose into the aquifer, and procure renewable energy sources

E3 does not require tailings or evaporative ponds for its Direct Lithium Extraction technology

Less than 3% of land will be required for E3’s development compared to similar sized conventional lithium projects

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